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2007 Chicago Force Training Program

This information was designed for us by our athletic training and physical therapy provider AthletiCo. It is specifically tailored to female athletes.
Any questions? Contact: Trainer Bisi
Download the program (pdf)

2007 Chicago Force Practice Schedule

The following link contains our 2007 practice schedule from January through July.
Download the schedule (pdf)

2007 Injury Prevention & Strengthening Program Schedule

Saturday 1/20 @ Lane Tech 11 - 1pm Initial Presentation by AthletiCo
Saturday 1/27 @ Horner Park 10 - 12:00 Led by Dr. Zid and Bisi Akindele
Saturday 2/3 @ Lane Tech 11 - 1pm Led by Bisi Akindele
Sunday 2/11 @ Horner Park 11 - 1pm Led by Dr. Zid and Bisi Akindele
Saturday 2/17 @ Lane Tech 11 - 1pm Led by Dr. Zid and Bisi Akindele
Saturday 2/24 @ Lane Tech 11 - 1pm Led by Dr. Zid and Bisi Akindele
Download the schedule (pdf)

Pre-Season Chalk Talk with Coaching Staff (held immediately after Injury Prevention Clinics)

Saturday 1/20 @ Lane Tech 1 - 2pm in Drivers Ed Building
Saturday 1/27 @ Horner Park 1 - 2pm in downstairs classroom
Sunday 2/11 @ Horner Park 1 - 2pm in downstairs classroom
Saturday 2/17 @ Lane Tech 1 - 2pm in Drivers Ed Building
Saturday 2/24 @ Lane Tech 1 - 2pm in Drivers Ed Building

2007 Chicago Force Contract Signing

Saturday 1/27 @ Horner Park 12:00 - 1:00 in downstairs meeting room

What to Bring:
- Copies of Picture I.D. and Insurance Card (policy or identification # should be included)
- Social Security Number
- Emergency Contact Information (name, address and phone numbers)
- Primary Care Physician name, address and phone number

A copy of the contract will be sent via e-mail to all players. Please take the time to review the contract before the meeting and e-mail me with any questions you may have. This will considerably shorten the time needed to review the contract at the meeting.

The contract signing will begin promptly at Noon - don't be late. There is a lot of information and paperwork that need to be reviewed and completed in a very short period of time.

2007 Chicago Force MANDATORY Physical Exams:

Conducted by our Team Physicians from Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush:
Without this physical you will not be able to participate in any Force practice or game.

Saturday 2/10 @ AthletiCo Clinic 9:00 - Noon
5545 N. Clark Street (just south of Bryn Mawr)
Chicago, IL 60640
Players will be scheduled in 1/2 hour increments.

What to bring:
- MRI's or X-rays from any past or existing injuries
- any relevant tests or documentation for your medical/surgical history

Players with asthma are required to provide an inhaler to the trainer for emergency use on their behalf. Players that are allergic to bee stings are required to provide an Epi-pen to the trainer for emergency use on their behalf. If necessary, you may request a prescription from our team physician for these items.
Download the current schedule for Physical Exams, here (pdf).

2007 Chicago Force Mandatory Mini Camp - For All Force Players and Coaches

The Force mini-camp is scheduled for Sunday February 18th from 11 am - 3 pm at Horner Park in Chicago. We will be using the gyms and one of the classrooms. This is an indoor facility so bring appropriate clothing, footwear and hydration. Bring sweats to wear after the drills so you will not get cold during the classroom sessions. We will have two classroom sessions and two gym sessions. We will break briefly midway through the camp, so bring something to eat and drink.

Management Announcements


You have earned your right to be a member of the Chicago Force women's tackle football team for the 2007 season. The Chicago Force has proven over the last four seasons to be one of the most respected and formidable teams in the IWFL. You are about to have a life-changing will test yourself....push yourself to levels you never thought possible. And along the will make friends for a lifetime....and become part of the Force family.

The Chicago Force was organized under the leadership of Lisa Cole in 2003. She brought together women who had the desire to live their dream and play a game they had been told for years that they couldn't....the game was football...not powder puff football....but pad-wearing, helmet-crunching full tackle football. These women banded together and became a family. They practiced in empty parking lots....under street abandoned warehouses....any place they could get together to learn about the game and practice their skills. They worked hard....put in hours and hours of learning the to make a to catch and throw a to run a trap....a slant....they practiced and practiced. Then the big day came....their first game. Most were, friends, fans were out would they had not arrived until just a few practices prior to the game....some had never taken or given a hit or tackle. They stood outside the locker room....stood together as a family of women with one common play a game to the best of their ability. But what they really were making was History.....and the women of the Force continue to make history year after year. In each of our four seasons, the Chicago Force has made the playoffs toward the National Championship.

Is this the year that the Force will go all the way....become the 2007 IWFL Champions? All the elements are in place....good coaching....a strong core of veterans...many promising rookies ... all talented and dedicated women. This is our year.....the year that the Chicago Force women's tackle football team will become the National champions....join us to make it happen.

Welcome to our Force Family!!!!

Owners of the Chicago Force

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